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Whether you’re a first-time buyer or an experienced investor, we understand how frustrating and time-consuming the buyer’s journey can be. Aston Republic works to streamline your ride to success, sharing valuable knowledge and local intel to lap the competition and reach your desired destination. You can trust us as your buyers agent to act with integrity as we expertly and transparently secure your future home or investment property.



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If you’re still wondering, ‘What is a buyer’s agent?‘ – don’t worry, you’re not alone. Put simply, a buyer’s agent is a real estate expert dedicated to locating, negotiating, or bidding and buying your new home, investment or commercial property on your behalf. Still a relatively new concept to Australia, a buyer’s agent is typically used by those who are inexperienced, time-poor, or geographically restricted; however, they are rapidly growing in popularity.

At Aston Republic, our dedicated buyers agent team provides tailored support and peace of mind on an otherwise pressurised process, saving you time, stress and money. 

Backed by extensive local knowledge and over 30 combined years of property industry experience, we take great pride in forming personable working relationships with our clients that present equal success opportunities.

Our team of Brisbane best buyer’s agents can assist you throughout any stage of your journey, adapting our services and strategies to fulfil your aspirations.

Ready to crystallise your plans as a future homeowner or investor in Brisbane? Book a time to chat with us today.



Our Buyers Agent services are 100% adaptable and available at any stage of your buyer’s journey. If you prefer to sit back and relax, our full service option is for you. Otherwise, feel free to pick and choose where we step in.

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Do you have a clear vision for your ideal home or investment goals but are unsure where to start? Can’t decide which Brisbane suburb is best to raise a family or the most efficient location to fly in, fly out? Are you struggling to find high-growth, high-yield investment opportunities for your portfolio?

Aston Republic buyers agents can help with all this and more. As local Brisbanites, we can recommend the best suburbs in Brisbane based on your unique requirements and formulate a suitable brief to begin our property search. Our team will undertake extensive research to match your purchasing criteria with off-market, pre-market and on-market listings around Brisbane. Using our extensive industry network of town planners, designers, engineers, solicitors, builders and brokers, we can obtain all the support you may need on your property hunt.

For investors, we go through an extensive data-backed research process to locate the best locations for strategic growth and optimal returns. Rest assured that we will eliminate the stress of liaising with real estate agents, cutting through the sales jargon to locate and secure the right property for you at the right price.

Whether you’ve found your ideal property on your own or with our help, our buyers agents can help arrange a private inspection at a time that is convenient for you. Rather than rushing from one inspection to the next, we adapt to your schedule, ensuring your buying experience is seamless and enjoyable. Struggling to find spare time, or currently overseas? Not a problem. We can organise a virtual inspection or perform one on your behalf and report on our findings.

Real estate agents must legally represent their client’s interest – A.K.A the seller. For this reason, buyers usually end up paying more than necessary. Engaging a buyer’s agent means you have a property specialist in your corner, allowing you to identify when a deal no longer serves your best interests – and how to redirect to a more suitable opportunity.

Aston Republic will act as your professional negotiator, so you know you’re paying the right price. First, using a combination of our local expertise and extensive sales data, we will assess the market value and reveal comparable sales in the chosen area. This information gives you a competitive edge over other buyers and protects you from paying too much.

With your approval, our expert team will begin negotiating the purchase price with the vendor or agent. Once your offer is accepted, we will guide you through the buying process, ensuring we meet your expectations through transparent communication and due diligence. We can even organise building and pest inspectors, brokers, conveyancers etc., so you can start reaping the benefits of your new home or investment sooner rather than later.

Auctions often stir up a lot of stress for buyers. Being emotionally invested in a property can cloud your vision, causing you to bid over budget or market value.

At Aston Republic, your success is ours. Our Buyers Agents are professional auction bidders, we stay calm and collected, implementing a clear strategy to protect you from paying too much. We stay up to date with the latest auctions in Brisbane and can guide you through the entire process, including necessary pre and post-auction steps.

As experienced buyer’s agents, we know how to disarm all the auctioneers’ tricks to up the sales price. You can rely on us to represent your interests, predict and adapt to all possible scenarios and stick to your predetermined budget. We can also opt to work with a limited power of attorney if you prefer to bid confidentially or anonymously.

Are you looking to sell your Brisbane property? Using our plethora of real estate knowledge, industry connections and sales experience, we can offer professional advice and support to optimise your investment. From property listing to the final auction or sale, we can help you throughout the entire cycle at no cost to you.

If you’re ready to sell your family home, investment or commercial property, Aston Republic Buyers Agents will take the time to understand your financial goals and do everything we can to achieve them.




Whether you’re a first-time home buyer, upgrading, downsizing, moving interstate or relocating from overseas, buying a new home can be a challenging experience. Aston Republic can make it simple and enjoyable. We will gather your very own ‘Buyer’s Wish List’ to give us a snapshot of your preferences that will create your ideal lifestyle. Our holistic Buyers Agent approach allows you to take advantage of current property trends, access off-market opportunities and make the right moves to land the house of your dreams.



Are you seeking to begin your investor journey, add to your growing portfolio or purchase your first or second holiday home? Optimise the rental yield and capital growth of your property with Aston Republic Buyers Agency. Using years of personal and professional experience in Brisbane property investment, we will guide you through the ‘need-to-know’ facts surrounding property investing to ensure you are well prepared for the journey.



Buying a development site in Brisbane or a fresh commercial property is often a competitive and tedious process. It can involve a lot of complex planning due to council overlays and regulations. If you want to stay ahead of the pack, it’s vital to have a reliable representative to act on your behalf with due diligence. Aston Republic Buyers Agents have over ten years of experience in small to medium-scale property development, including commercial and residential projects, providing the necessary skills and network to ensure a profitable outcome for your next property venture.

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Aston Republic helped my family secure an investment property during a very competitive time in Brisbane’s real estate market. The process was made much smoother and easier with their expert advice and groundwork. Their negotiation skills and strategies meant we could secure the property early and at a better price. We will undoubtedly use Aston Republic again for future property purchases.
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Aston Republic assisted us in purchasing our home at a lower price by understanding what the sellers were really looking for. They were always available to answer questions and knew the buying process from beginning to end. We are delighted in our new home. Thanks team!
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I highly recommend Aston Republic. As interstate buyers trying to purchase during COVID restrictions, it wasn’t easy to remotely gain an understanding of the market we desired to move into. The team expertly worked to source and inspect properties on our behalf whilst developing a relationship with agents in the area we sought. Ultimately, Aston Republic assisted us in securing an off-market property at a fair price in a strong seller’s market.
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Aston Republic helped my family secure an investment property during a very competitive time in Brisbane’s real estate market. The process was made much smoother and easier with their expert advice and groundwork. Their negotiation skills and strategies meant we could secure the property early and at a better price. We will undoubtedly use Aston Republic again for future property purchases.
Janet Benson
Janet Benson
Omar and the team at Aston Republic are fantastic Buyer's Agents. I have had the pleasure of working with Omar and can personnaly vouch for his professionalism, extensive property knowledge and his superior negotiation skills. Omar has been able to source great investment properties for our mutual clients. I hightly recommend Omar and his team for anyone looking to find their perfect home or investment property.
Wade Ninness
Wade Ninness
Omar and the Aston Republic Team are an amazing team to work with. As Brisbane based Buyers Agents, they are professional and extremely thorough. I could not recommend them highly enough.
Craig Mason
Craig Mason
I have worked with Omar from Aston Republic and have seen first hand how well he looks after his clients and finds the ideal property to suit their needs. I can highly recommend Omar if you are on the hunt for the right property.
Nathan Morieson
Nathan Morieson
Omar from Aston Republic Buyers Agents has been very helpful in helping me find a property offering unique properties I couldn't access on my own as a part time property hunter. I would highly recommend his services.
James Brooker
James Brooker
I've worked with the team at Aston Republic for many years. They are always fantastic to do business with, professional and proactive. Would highly recommend to anyone.


Buyer’s Agents work exclusively for prospective buyers to secure residential, commercial and development properties at the right location for the right price for the buyer. We apply our insider knowledge of real estate and property investment to expertly locate, negotiate or bid and buy your new home or investment property, liaising directly with vendors and their agents so you don’t have to. It is a highly bespoke service tailored to each client’s unique goals. Buyer agencies are rapidly gaining popularity in Queensland, especially amongst expats and working professionals who are geographically restricted or time-poor.

Absolutely. For those not located in Brisbane, we acknowledge the difficulty of time differences and not being able to physically inspect properties. We will adapt to your schedule and preferences wherever possible. After our first few discovery sessions, we will determine a ‘Buyer’s Brief’ to locate, inspect, negotiate and secure your new home, commercial or investment property. Using video conferencing, detailed research and reporting systems, you can depend on us to act on your behalf with transparency and integrity.

Yes! We have a trusted network of designers, consultants and builders that can provide accurate estimates and timelines on any renovation work you have planned. We can even manage your development project for you on request.

Typically yes, but only for investment properties. It’s best to check with your accountant to confirm if the fee would be tax deductible as each case differs.

As we offer a fully bespoke service, it’s difficult to determine a flat rate or a general advertising cost. We understand how important your time and money are and only want to guarantee services we can 100% deliver on. To ensure accuracy and total client satisfaction, we will only offer a quote after a few in-depth discussions about your expectations, current financial situation and future goals. Why not book a discovery call with our buyers agents now to find out more?

Yes! Buyer’s agents can save you significant time, stress and money. Our real estate knowledge, experience, and expert negotiation skills will help secure your property without breaking your bank. At Aston Republic, we can adapt our services to suit your requirements, finding listings that match your ideal lifestyle or preferences. In addition, due to our established industry relationships and local intel, we have early access to valuable pre-market and off-market opportunities, boosting your chances of securing a property that others have yet to discover.

Unlike other buyer’s agents, or other so called industry experts, who depend solely on word of mouth to fuel their recommendations, the Aston Republic team have lived and breathed Brisbane real estate for well over a decade. Our combination of advanced real estate knowledge and commercial acumen allows us to help a diverse range of clients. From investment opportunities in the vibrant inner-city streets to family homes surrounded by schools, cafes and lush, scenic views, we make it our mission to find and win the perfect Brisbane property for you.

Our 15-minute discovery session will reveal your goals and help us establish where you fit into the buyer’s journey. We will begin by getting to know a bit more about you and your current situation, answering any questions you may have about what we do, to identify where our services can add value during the call and beyond. Based on this conversation, if we are the right fit for each other, we will direct you to the next steps in your journey, which generally involve a deep dive into specific strategies and services to help you reach your goals or requirements.



From budget to location preferences, let’s carve out a path to your ideal property – Book a 15-min Discovery Session with us or complete our Enquiry Form below